Community Bike Shop

This week I went to check out the Community Bike Shop located at 525 N 33rd Street, part of the Community Bike Project. I used to ride by the shop everyday on my way to work but never took the opportunity to stop in. They are a great organization. One of the programs that they offer is open shop which allows you to go in and utilize their tools and workbench to work on your bike. This is a great program for people such as myself who don’t have a great place to work on their bike. The last time I refilled the sealant in my tubeless tires I got sealant all over my kitchen floor. They accept free will donations of money or volunteer time in exchange for utilizing their open shop program.

Earn-A-Bike is another one of their programs which is designed to help educate youth. Once kids complete 9 service hours in areas including education and basic mechanics they earn a bike. The community bike shop accepts donations of used bikes and bike parts. If you have multiple bikes in the garage with chains that resemble the golden gate bridge, donate them to the Community Bike Shop. Donated bikes and bike parts are used for the Earn-A-Bike program.

I think it is great that the Community Bike Shop has found a way to provide a service to our community by providing education to youth about bicycling while repurposing unused bikes. For more information visit them at

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