Resolve to rethink your training


Winter is a great time to create structure into your training program.

Cold weather forces many of us inside and on the trainer for our workouts.  Although trainer workouts can get monotonous they allow us to easily control variable  of our workouts  such as cadence and force production without having to worry about traffic or terrain.

This last session I realized I was going about my training all wrong.  I was more concerned about how many miles I rode than I was about the intensity of my rides.  I assumed if I was putting in the miles that I would get faster. This past race season showed me just how flawed that logic was. To win a race you have to be able to ride harder than your competitors.  I was getting left in the dust at beginning of races because I wasn’t used to riding at higher intensities.  It turns out slow and steady does not win the race.

This winter I decided to begin a structured training program to push the intensity of my rides. I also wanted structure  to my rides work on different components of fitness.   Most of us like to play up our strengths and avoid our areas of weakness. I am not a strong sprinter and get killed on climbs.  Unfortunately these are the areas that I have been neglecting in my training.   I  just completed the first week of my program on Sunday.  My training program has forced me to confront my areas of weakness and to force myself to push myself to an intensity that I usually do not usually ride at.

So take advantage of the cold weather and put some structure into your training.   Take on your areas of weakness head on.  Don’t fall in a routine of getting on your trainer and lollygagging through your ride while catching up on bad TV shows.

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